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Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to Resilience

  • 02

    Nourish your body

    • Nourish your body - start here!

    • Do you know how long it takes for drink of water to take effect?

    • How long is it since you drank water?

    • The effects of dehydration

    • Sleep is non-negotiable!

    • 3 tips for better quality sleep (that you may not have heard before!)

    • Every time you put something in your mouth

    • Too busy to exercise?

    • Handwashing - did you know...?

    • Afraid to ask your HCP to wash their hands?

    • Nutrition

    • What does a Resilience Coach eat?!

    • Foods to boost health - Sweet Potatoes

    • Foods to boost health - Broccoli

    • 10 ways to avoid getting sick on holidays

    • What's one important change?

  • 03

    Mind your Mind

    • Worry Journal

    • Understanding Your Mind (and Your Chimp!)

    • Dealing with common triggers using the Chimp Management system

    • Listen to your gut.

    • Who is living in your head rent-free?

    • 17 steps to a positive mindset

    • The physiology of stress

    • Grateful for the gratitude.

    • Cognitive Distortions

    • 6 steps to eliminating self-limiting beliefs!

    • Why writing freehand works (and typing doesn't!)

    • How our thoughts affect our performance

    • Is your mindset 'Open for Business'?

    • The benefits of music

    • 5 ways to boost brain power

    • Practising Gratitude

    • Don't be disempowered by negative self-talk - disempower IT instead!

    • Beliefs - are yours self-limiting or empowering?

    • Correcting Your Beliefs - Exercises

    • Mind Your Subconscious Mind

    • How to leave work behind

    • Have you ever been 'hooked'?

    • Reflection questions - Getting Hooked

    • What needs attention now?

  • 04

    Fuel For Life

  • 05

    Your World

  • 06


  • 07

    Resilience Recovery Room

  • 08

    Resources and Downloads

  • 09

    Quick Resilience Motivations

    • Why do I always react this way?

    • Why do I dread being with certain people?

    • Courage doesn't always roar...

    • If you feel like you don't fit into this world...

    • Resilience is not the absence of adversity

    • You must believe that...

    • Tell your problems...

    • Turn your face towards the light.

    • What is resilience?

    • A mind that is stretched...

    • A lesson from the weather.

    • What's causing your shadow?

    • Squatting in your comfort zone?!

  • 10

    Resilience for Nurses and Midwives

    • Preparation Exercise - What if

    • Preparation Exercise - Crucibles

    • Resilience Learning Outcomes - REFLECTIVE QUESTIONS

    • Recovery Room - Reconnecting with You

    • Recovery Room - You have done enough

    • Recovery Room - Say Yes for one week EXERCISE SHEET

    • Leave it all behind. "I Made a Difference Today"

    • Nurses' Toleration List (what are you tolerating?)

    • BONUS - Top Tips for Resilience Exercise

    • Time Management for Quality of Life

    • An Ode to Primary Care Professionals

    • Sleep deprivation (shift workers)

    • Reconnecting with you

    • When you get 'hooked'

  • 11

    Career questions for Nurses and Midwives

    • Career Discovery Questions

    • Career Assessment for Nurses and Midwives

    • Careers for nurses - WORKBOOK

    • Where to from here?

  • 12

    Resilient Leaders

    • Pause for Performance

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - start here

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - Day 1

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - Day 2

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - Day 3

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - Day 4

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - Day 5

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - Day 6

    • A week of saying 'Yes!' - Day 7

    • Was this week different?

    • Time to try something different?

    • The importance of civility at work

    • The Way of Quiet Leader - eBook

  • 13

    Other bits...

    • Capturing Moments of Gratitude - intro

  • 14

    You have what you need!

    • ACC, FI and VENS = Gut Feeling

    • Corpus Callosum = Visual + Tactile Senses

    • Hot drink + Insular cortex = warmer collaborative conversations

    • Reticular Activating System = Closing the Gate

    • Listening + Cortex = Enriched Life

    • It's Theta Time!

  • 15

    You are more resilient than you think (Webinar)

    • You are more resilient than you think!

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Hi, I'm Lisa Nolan and I'm a Business, Personal and Executive Coach, specialising in resilience, leadership and confidence.

I work with people from all walks of life who are overwhelmed with responsibilities and sometimes very 'busy' burning out.  I help them manage their stress, harness their strengths and build resilience so they can easily handle the challenges of life and work. 

No matter what’s going on for you, it is possible to achieve some balance and equilibrium in your life, but it will require some thought, focus, planning and then constant vigilance on your part.

Because change is not easy and habits are often very well cemented into our lives, this membership site aims to give you plenty of resources in lots of different formats, so that you can access what you need when you need it, and you can dip in and out whenever you like.  The resources are categorised to help you zone in on specific tips or tools that will help you manage whatever your current challenge is.

Resilience is something that we all have, whether we realise it or not! But it’s like a muscle – if we work consistently in small doses to strengthen it, it will serve us better when we really need it.

If you have people who depend on you, whether that’s family, employees, colleagues or investors, it’s not just your right to look after yourself, it’s your responsibility so that you can continue to do the work you need to, but in a sustainable way so that you not only avoid becoming overburdened or burned out, but also so that YOU thrive every day, enjoying your life and reaping the benefits of your work, whatever that looks like for you.

This membership site is the next best thing to having your own resilience trainer. By signing up you will have immediate access to my signature resilience frameworks, with new resources added regularly to your dashboard.  

When you sign up you will also automatically receive a weekly resilience guide by e-mail, with reminders to keep you on track and embed the  new habits that will make a big difference to your energy and grit.  You can unsubscribe from that newsletter via the link at the end of it any time.

Feedback is always welcome and I don't bite (!) so please let me know  if you have any suggestions for this site.  

I look forward to helping you thrive!

Warmest wishes,

Your Coach,


About the instructor

Lisa is a professional coach and trainer who works with leaders in healthcare, industry and business across Ireland and the UK. Having first qualified as a general nurse and post-grad as a midwife, Lisa has worked in a diverse range of clinical settings including Beaumont Hospital Dublin, street clinics in Calcutta, King Edward VII Hospital and the Royal Marsden Clinic in London, and GP practices. A move to the administrative side of healthcare included roles in the Blackrock Clinic, Lowell House, and the Irish Practice Nurses Association where she managed a successful application for charitable tax exemption, drafted governance policies for Board to approve, mentored rotating Board Members, and coordinated clinical awards and bursaries. In 2016 she qualified as a Business, Executive and Personal Coach, later completing Train the Trainer. She is a Certified Just Culture Champion and an accredited Coach of Excellence which means she can issue CPD points to her clients for coaching hours undertaken. She recently completed Principles and Practice of Restorative Just Culture with Northumbria University and MerseyCare NHS Foundation Trust. Lisa’s in-depth nursing knowledge of human physiology is interwoven with proven coaching approaches and emerging evidence from the world of neuroscience. Leaders in healthcare, safety-critical or risk-averse sectors who aspire to be Restorative Leaders and build a culture of psychological safety and learning at work particularly benefit from her unique mix of skills and qualifications. She uses models such as Micro-Resilience, the Five Levels of Leadership, Just Culture, Conversational Intelligence and others her training programmes. In coaching she facilitates learning and growth in her clients through coaching in its purest form. She coaches the individual in front of her, holding up a ‘mirror’ so that they can safely examine their strengths, values and what blocks their progress. Her coaching approach is person-centred, kind, non-judgemental, supportive, championing while challenging, and anchored by unconditional positive regard for each client (Carl Rogers). She is on several coaching and mentoring panels in private, semi-state and cross-border bodies. Her R.E.A.L. Leadership online programme is accredited for 7 CPD points by the CPD Standards Office. She gives talks and workshops on resilience to community and patient groups, business teams, at seminars and networking meetings. She co-facilitates peer group coaching supervision sessions with coach colleagues, rotates through leadership and committee roles in BNI Rossmore Chapter and is Orientation Director Consultant for the BNI Dublin North East region. She is the author and presenter of ‘Top Tips for Leaders’ on Elite Radio Online. She has contributed to nursing and medical journals, websites and blogs, writing about interventions that enhance health literacy. Her core values are dignity throughout life, non-judgement and compassion. Principles and Practice of Restorative Just Culture (Northumbria University) Accredited Coach of Excellence (Professional Development Consortium) Certified Just Culture Champion (The Just Culture Company) Diploma in Business, Executive and Personal Coaching (Coach Institute of Ireland). Professional Training Delivery and Evaluation QQI Level 6 (Train the Trainer) RGN (NMBI Ireland), RM (NMC UK), Dip. H.E. in Midwifery (Kingston University, UK), Diplomas in Executive PA and Legal (Pitman Training) Professional Memberships: MAC, NMBI Tel: 00 353 (0)42 969 2403 e-mail: lisa(at)aslancoaching.ie

Lisa Nolan

Executive Coach (Leadership & Resilience)

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